Saturday, February 25, 2017


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Highway 4 is:
Kelly Brown - Vocals
Tylar Parker - Bass 
Mike Angert - Lead Guitar 
Reid Campbell - Drums

BOOTLEG METAL: So let’s get things started with the name. Who came up with the name and what’s behind it?
HIGHWAY 4: Funny story, we actually decided on "Highway 4" after a few names.  "Crossing Waters" sounded a little too Christian Rock.. and let's face it. We already have enough "Creed's" in the world. HYEAHHH. (Scott Stapp) voice. Highway 4 is road out in California area and we wanted to pay homage to it before the state succeeds from the U.S. But in all seriousness, it's a beautiful road and we fell in love with it. We originally had 4 members and it ironically fit. 

BOOTLEG METAL:  Where is the band from?
HIGHWAY 4: We are based out of the Pittsburgh Region.

BOOTLEG METAL: Is this the original line up and how did you guys find yourselves in the same band ?
HIGHWAY 4: This isn't the original line up, we switched up around 2 years ago. We grew up around the same town. 

BOOTLEG METAL: How long has Highway 4 been around and how long after your first rehearsal was it before the first show?
HIGHWAY 4:  We've been around for about 7 years now and plan on relocating to Nashville in May. We had a rehersal 3 weeks before our first gig

BOOTLEG METAL: Does everyone contribute to the writing process or does someone generally write the lyrics and/or music?
HIGHWAY 4: The majority of the songwriting process stems from Kelly and Mike. Mike writes the riffs/structure on guitar and Kelly comes up with the melody and lyrics.

BOOTLEG METAL: What are your songs about? Fact?  Fiction? Personal experiences?
HIGHWAY 4: Our songs are a mix of Personal Experiences and Facts as well as some hidden messages. 

BOOTLEG METAL: So congrats on your Make Up Your Mind video. A soulful voice and a solid effort from all in the band makes for a great song…. and an old Mopar doesn’t hurt.  Any story behind the song?
HIGHWAY 4: Thank you! We were lucky to have such a good crew on that, thanks to Adam Thomas of Small Universe. He also filmed our release show! We left the song meaning pretty open, so it could pertain to many situations. 

BOOTLEG METAL: What genre do you feel highway 4 fit’s in the best and what influenced your writing to get you there?
HIGHWAY 4: I'd say the our band fits most into the Alternative Rock Category and we've taken quite the musical journey to get where we are today. Our earlier material had a bit of classic and southern rock influence. 

BOOTLEG METAL: What was your latest gig? 
HIGHWAY 4: Our latest gig was on 102.5 WDVE studios based out of Pittsburgh PA. Our next show will be at The Smiling Moose in Pittsburgh PA on February 12th. 

BOOTLEG METAL: Where have you played live this year?
HIGHWAY 4: We have been in the studio a bunch so far this year so we haven't gigged too heavily early on. We have a Few music conferences coming up like "The Millennium Music Conference" in Harrisburg PA towards the end of February as well as a college conference in Orlando Florida in March. 

BOOTLEG METAL: Is there a favorite cover that always finds it’s way on your set list and is there a story behind it?
HIGHWAY 4: Favorite Cover?.. hmm.. Pretty tough to choose. We really enjoy playing Bulls On Parade and anything Paramore. 

BOOTLEG METAL: Is there a past show that stands out from the rest?
HIGHWAY 4: I'd say opening for Blackberry Smoke at The Carnegie Music Hall of Homestead was a show to remember. Got to do a shot with Charlie Starr and play that prestigious venue. The curtains opened up for us, and we felt super welcomed. 

BOOTLEG METAL: So what’s in the works for highway 4?
HIGHWAY 4: We are currently pushing our new single "Hindsight" which is available via Bandcamp for our "Road Warriors" which is a monthly subscription service we offer for our fans which features new merch items and limited runs. As we are recording new material and moving to Nashville. 

BOOTLEG METAL: What are your thoughts on your local music scene?
HIGHWAY 4: It's a tough crowd! We've met some of the best/most loyal fans in this region, but its not the best music scene for our style of Rock. There are some good opportunities in the city, especially if you're folk/Americana but we are relocating because of the tremendous opportunities in Tennessee. We successfully funded our last EP via kickstarter so that goes to show that our fans are the best

BOOTLEG METAL: Is there a recent album/EP release you’d like to tell us about and where can we get it?
HIGHWAY 4: Our latest EP "Matter of Time" is available on literally every music platform on the internet. You can visit our website here: Official Site.

BOOTLEG METAL: Do you have merchandise for sale?
HIGHWAY 4: TONS. Hoodies, shirts, bracelets.

BOOTLEG METAL: Where can you be found online?
HIGHWAY 4: Every social media platform! You can find links to everything via our website.

BOOTLEG METAL: As far as videos, sites, merch, ect. Are you guys more of a DIY band or do you hire out?
HIGHWAY 4: We DIY as far as sites go. But we always work with the most professional people that are available. Our CD release show was filmed last June by the best videographers in Pittsburgh. 

BOOTLEG METAL: Do you have or are you looking for a label/manager?
HIGHWAY 4: Currently looking for the right fit. 

BOOTLEG METAL: One question I like to ask. What song (if any) by another artist do you wish you wrote?
HIGFHWAY 4: Bohemian Rhapsody! 
BOOTLEG METAL: Haha nice. Great answer.

BOOTLEG METAL: Is there another artist or band that is totally not your genre that you listen to?
HIGHWAY 4:  hmm... Frank Sinatra. Matchbox 20. Allman Brothers. Bruno Mars. RATM. SO many. We have such a wide influence haha.

BOOTLEG METAL: How do you think downloading music whether legal or illegal affected the music community?
HIGHWAY 4:  It definitely makes things tough.. BUT. That just means you should go out and support your favorite bands LIVE and buy some merch. Most venues have a $5-$10 cover and lets be real.. most people spend that daily on a mochafrappachinolatte at Starbucks and drink it away in 5 minutes. Meanwhile a rock show is 3 hours of entertainment. Do the math. ;) 
Bootleg Metal: Very True.

BOOTLEG METAL: Thanks for taking the time to talk with us and answering the questions. Is there anything you’d like to add?
HIGHWAY 4:  We would like to thank YOU for giving this opportunity to so many musicians. Interviews like this help the community tremendously. MUCH LOVE. Cheers!