Sunday, March 25, 2018


Bootleg Metal

As Days Fade is:
Blake Thomas - vocals, guitar
Tony Brienza - guitar
Anthony Augusta - Bass
Brendan Rush - guitar

BOOTLEG METAL: So let’s get things started with the name. Who came up with the name and what’s behind it?
AS DAYS FADE: Blake Thomas came up with the band name. He was writing lyrics before there was a name at the time. “As Days Fade” was one of the lyrics. It just stood out to him and the name has stuck ever since. BOOTLEG METAL: And it's just that easy (laughs). I dig the name.

BOOTLEG METAL:  Where is the band from?
AS DAYS FADE: We're from Queens, New York.

BOOTLEG METAL: Is this the original line up and how did you guys find yourselves in the same band ?
AS DAYS FADE:  Blake Thomas and Anthony Brienza started the band in 2008. We went to school together, started jamming and made a band out of it. Anthony Augusta joined in 2011 when he and Blake Thomas went to college together. This is the current line up today.

BOOTLEG METAL: How long has As Days Fade been around and how long after your first rehearsal was it before the first show?
AS DAYS FADE: We’ve been around since 2008. It was probably 6 months to a year between the first rehearsal and the first show.

BOOTLEG METAL: Does everyone contribute to the writing process or does someone generally write the lyrics and/or music?
AS DAYS FADE: We all contribute to every part of a song. Lyrics, chord progressions, song structure etc. BOOTLEG METAL: Very cool.

BOOTLEG METAL: What are your songs about? Fact?  Fiction? Personal experiences?
AS DAYS FADE: Some are about fictional stories. Whether it is our own tale we want to tell, or a story we all know and love. Lots of horror stories/movies. Majority of the songs however, are about our personal experiences, with people, life and specific events that shape us as people.

BOOTLEG METAL: What genre do you feel ADF fit’s in the best and what influenced your writing to get you there?
AS DAYS FADE: We’d say Metal/metalcore. So hard to just put one label on it. We listen to all kinds of music. We love metal, but sometimes we find a lot of the programmed sounds and drum patterns we create are influenced by industrial and electronic bands. Even some 90’s hip hop.

BOOTLEG METAL: What was your latest gig? 
AS DAYS FADE: It was at 89 North in Long Island, NY. It was the CD release show for our awesome friends in “Ashes in the Sky”. They are a sick band, with another release coming out very very soon.

BOOTLEG METAL: Where have you played live this (fiscal) year?
AS DAYS FADE: Nowhere yet. We have been doing a lot of writing lately.

BOOTLEG METAL: Is there a favorite cover that always finds it’s way on your set list and is there a story behind it?
AS DAYS FADE: We love playing Walk by Pantera. It started out doing it for a contest and it turns out a lot of the people who saw it at that show requested it at our other shows. People would come on stage with us, dance, scream into the mic. It’s just a fun aggressive song to play live. BOOTLEG METAL: Awesome, awesome tune and I dig the crowd participation.  

BOOTLEG METAL: Is there a past show that stands out from the rest?
AS DAYS FADE: All the shows are really unqiue from one another. We cherish all of them. BOOTLEG METAL: Nice.

BOOTLEG METAL: So what’s in the works for ADF?
AS DAYS FADE: A new song that didn’t make it on the latest release Called “The devil spoke to me”. And a very, very, strange surprise cover song.

BOOTLEG METAL: What are your thoughts on your local music scene?
AS DAYS FADE: We love it. Everyone is so open to all creativeness. Some shows, you’ll have artists painting by the merch tables or someone doing tarot card readings. It seems like it doesn’t matter what kind of show it is. People wanna just go to a show and have fun.

BOOTLEG METAL: Is there a recent album/EP release you’d like to tell us about and where can we get it?
AS DAYS FADE: We are releasing 2 songs. And you can find it on iTunes, Spotify, YouTube and all other social media outlets.

BOOTLEG METAL: Do you have merchandise for sale?
AS DAYS FADE: We do! We have a variety of shirts and wristbands. Stickers and CD’s. You can find it at Big Cartel.

BOOTLEG METAL: Where can you be found online?
AS DAYS FADE: On YoutubeSpotify and on iTunes.
BOOTLEG METAL: As far as videos, sites, merch, ect. Are you guys more of a DIY band or do you hire out?
AS DAYS FADE: We are mostly a DIY band when it comes to recording. Videos, sites and merch we usually hire out for. It is cool to see what our music can make other people create.

BOOTLEG METAL: Do you have or are you looking for a label/manager?
AS DAYS FADE: We are not so much actively looking but if one were to come our way, we definitely wouldn’t turn her or him down.

BOOTLEG METAL: One question I like to ask. What song (if any) by another artist do you wish you wrote?
AS DAYS FADE: That is a tough one. I don’t think any. We feel like if we wrote it, we wouldn’t be able to cherish it and look at it the same way we do as a fan/listener.

BOOTLEG METAL: Is there another artist or band that is totally not your genre that you listen to?
AS DAYS FADE: We all have been playing the new PVRIS record lately. It is phenomenal.

BOOTLEG METAL: If you could pick, past or present, would there be a dream collaborator (artist/producer) you would like to work with?
AS DAYS FADE: We all love Avenged Sevenfold. It is what brought us together in the first place. So really anyone from that band or the producers they worked with would be a dream for us.

BOOTLEG METAL: I checked out a few tunes and I Don’t Want You stands out. Totally a great production. Super tight, well written performance. I think the title gives it away but is there any back story to the song?

AS DAYS FADE: Thank you! There really isn’t much of a particular back story. Just from past emotions from when we were feeling like we needed to get away from a person. Whether it was a romantic or a friendship. We saw that person from what they truly are and we just don’t want you in our lives anymore